Can a happily married American couple successfully abandon the corporate rat race—along with its handsome salaries and benefits packages—to open a boutique shop, featuring their own custom line of perfumes, in the French Caribbean? That was John Berglund's vision, and A Beach Less Traveled is the remarkable story of how he made it happen.

What originated in a family trip to the beach eventually became an unlikely but thriving business based on Berglund's lifelong fascination with perfume. Though he chose a career in law, his passion lay in the chemistry sets of his youth. Berglund eventually built a full-fledged lab in his basement in Atlanta, where he spent countless hours of free time experimenting with new concoctions. When he had the dream of opening a perfumery in a tranquil island paradise, he set out to make it happen—no matter what.

Berglund's account of his Caribbean adventure is a fun-filled factual tale of conflicts, contrasts, and celebration. As he and his wife embed themselves in an eccentric community on the island of Saint Martin, they learn incredible lessons about business, success, and themselves. Their story may just inspire you to follow in their footsteps and ditch the business casual attire for a pair of shorts and flip-flops.